Meet the team

Stacey Oldfield

Stacey is our Director and has a big family tie to Freedom Caravans Limited. Her earliest memory of traveling to the manufacturing plant in Poland is driving through (the then) West and East Germany and being stuck for hours at the border between Germany and Poland. She fondly remembers the “sloppy eggs” she was served for breakfast at the Polish hotels. 

With a masters and background in finance, she spent many years in Australia working for corporate companies before returning to the UK and family business in 2016. She believes there is something very unique and nurturing about small family businesses that is hard to create in other industries. 

Stacey enjoys spending time with her two children, playing chess and keeping up with current events and politics. You will often find her debating the latest ‘event’ with Magic. 

Jim Kerr

Jim is our General Manager and our walking caravan encyclopedia. Spanning over 30 years working in the caravan industry there is little Jim does not know about caravans, especially Freedoms. Jim has worked in all three of our premises however he prefers the peaceful rural setting we are now in. Jim was a key player in bringing our latest project, the Freedom Carpento, to the UK.

Jim enjoys spending time with his family and is extremely loyal to his former army regiment.

Maciej (Magic) Karbownik 

Magic is our After Sales Manager. Originally from Poland, he previously worked for the Freedom manufacturing plant in Niewiadow. He is a great asset to the company as he has a deeper knowledge of the manufacturing process.

When Magic was in senior school he spent the Summers in the UK living with Stacey’s family. He has fond memories as a teenager working for pocket money at our first premises on Silkmore Lane. Growing up partly in the UK has perfected his British humour and you will often hear him cracking a joke around the office.

Magic enjoys spending his time with his family and their three cats. He has a particular fondness for Pot Noodles and Walker’s Salt and Vinegar crisps.

Alex Meek

Alex is our Finance Controller and the newest edition to our company. She is the friendly voice on the end of the phone if everyone else is with customers. Alex keeps everyone organised and without her we would be lost. 

Alex is a dog fanatic and has dog treats ready for any four legged friends that come into the office. 

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