Frequently asked questions


Where are Freedoms made?

Freedoms are manufactured at a plant in Poland. The manufacturer in Poland makes lots of caravans for lots of countries.  Each country has a sole importer that names its caravan and has different specifications dependant on what is needed in that country.

The UK’s version is the Freedom Caravan. We have been established since 1984 and have a long standing relationship with our Polish partner which ensures we receive the highest quality.

** Fun fact: The South Korean version is called a T Cube which means matchbox in Korean**

What is a Freedom made of?

Our caravans are made of a one piece fibre glass body. This is why they have an exceptional, almost perfect, anti leak history because there are no seams to leak unlike a panel sided caravan. The chassis is a Galvanised Steel Chassis along with a ALKO Axle, ALKO Braking and Hitch Assembly.

Where can I buy a Freedom?

We have three locations in the UK:

Freedom Caravans (Head Office)  : Main Road, Little Haywood, Staffordshire  ST18 0TR 

                                                                              tel: 01889 883 088  email: [email protected]

 Freedom Caravans South :                 Meridian Motorhomes, Units 4, 5, 7 Church Farm, Old Park Lane, Bosham  PO18 8EX

                                                                             tel: 01243 572 672  email: [email protected]

Freedom Caravans North:                   Caravans North, Cleakheaton Road, Low Moor, Bradford  DB12 0HS

                                                                              tel: 07860 366 888  email: [email protected]                                        

 What is the buying process?

After you have decided which Freedom you would like to purchase, we take a £500 deposit to secure your place on the production schedule.

When your caravan has been produced and delivered to head office, we conduct a thorough post delivery inspection to ensure the high standards that we expect have been met.

Next your caravan is sent to our approved servicing centre and given a pre collection inspection. 

We will then contact you to arrange a date for collection. Your caravan is cleaned from top to toe then decaled in readiness for your handover.

The hand over is detailed and thorough to ensure that you are adept with all the features of your Freedom. The balance of the invoice is paid and then you are free to enjoy your Freedom.

Do Freedoms come with a warranty?

Your new Freedom will come with a five year manufacturing leak warranty and a comprehensive twelve month parts and fittings warranty.

Your second hand Freedom will come with a six month warranty which is non transferrable.

How do I service my Freedom?

There are three head office approved service centres:

North – www.freedomcaravansnorth.co.uk

Midlands and Wales – www.centralcaravanservices.co.uk

South – www.freedomcaravanssouth.co.uk

How do I buy spare parts for my Freedom?

Freedom Caravans has its own online parts and accessories shop. Visit www.yourcaravanshop.co.uk This is not a third party website, it is ours, and we run it onsite at our Head Office in Staffordshire. 

Why can I not buy an awning directly from Bradcot or a caravan cover directly from Protec?

As our caravans have their own unique body shape, we recommend you buy your awning and / or caravan cover from ourselves. Of course you are free to purchase a generic product but our products have been produced specifically to dress our caravans.

We have sole UK rights to the Freedom awnings and covers. This means we can meet the demands of our customer base and we can constantly evolve the products due to our great relationships with the manufacturers.

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