Milenco 130kg Noseweight Gauge


  • Milenco 130kg Noseweight Gauge for Caravans & Trailers
  • Approved and Calibrated to BS7691 British Standard
  • Accurate to 2kg
  • Maintains accuracy up to 1,000 uses
  • Free Postage & Packaging to mainland U.K

The Milenco Noseweight Gauge is the only noseweight gauge which is approved and calibrated to the British Standard (BS7691)  accurate within 2kg.  

Incorrect noseweight drastically affects stability whilst towing, ensuring that the noseweight is correct ensures a relaxing towing experience rather than fighting with a caravan or trailer which is weaving.

The Milenco Noseweight Gauge came about after The Camping & Caravan Club conducted a test on noseweight gauges, found them all to be inaccurate and unreliable and thus, approached Milenco.  In addition to the high level of accuracy (accuracy is maintained to 1,000 uses), the Milenco Noseweight Gauge also includes:

  • Easy to read scale, up to 130kg
  • Shorter body, so that you don’t have to put your caravan or trailer on chocks before use.

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