Dometic/Smev/Thetford Replacement Sink & Cooker Tops

  • Specially ordered in
  • Orders based upon your serial numbers to ensure correct parts arrive
  • Items arrive 1-2 working days after dispatch
  • All varieties available

The spares department has access to a wide variety of replacement glass sink and cooker tops, to serve as direct replacements to your old and damaged ones.

Sink and cooker tops are very easily damaged, and the spares department send out dozens of replacements every year. If you are unlucky enough to have a mishap, we are happy to help find the right replacement for you.

A short time after you place your order, you should expect a phone call and an email from our spares department. We will ask you for the following:

  1. A photograph showing your sink or cooker. It usually helps if you can take one or two from different angles, ideally so that we are able to see the general shape that your lid should be.
  2. Your data plate. Every unit is supplied with a small sticker, this displays a wide variety of codes and model numbers which are essential for acquiring spare parts. We will either require the serial number, or better yet a picture of the plate itself.

Once we have the information we can then put the order in and your replacement lid should be with you shortly after.

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